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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the reports I download as often as I like, in whatever context?
Yes. All of our content is free of copyright and can be used freely by you both in terms of time and
content, provided that the key messages of the content are not misrepresented in any way. All we
require from you is the link to the website where the report has been integrated, or notification of usage
in the case of TV broadcasts.

2. Can I obtain the raw material for the reports and edit it myself? 

Yes. Lots of content is available in a rough-cut format (approx. 10 min.) in the download area for TV
content. This format can be edited in line with your requirements before being integrated. If you do not
find the raw material you need for a particular item, please send us an email or give us a call. We’ll
stream the rough cut for free and send you a link that you can use to download the material.

3. Can I still edit content after I have downloaded it?

Yes, you can extend or cut the material in line with your requirements, provided that the key messages
of the content are not misrepresented in any way.

4. What do I have to do if I have integrated image material from m4-tv into my website?

 Just use our ‘Online portal’ notification of usage (located on the page with the relevant content on our
portal) or send an email to dsd@mhoch4.com with a link to the page where the content can be
found. If possible, please also send us a simple overview of the click rates for the M4-TV videos you have

5. How do I proceed if there is music that is subject to royalties incorporated into video

 We will indicate if the videos contain pieces of music subject to royalties. If you choose to use this
content, please contact GEMA [German Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction

6. What should I do if M4-TV image material is used for broadcast on TV?

 Just use our ‘TV broadcaster’ notification of usage (located on the page with the relevant content on our
portal), download our fax template or send an email to dsd@mhoch4.com with information on when, where and how frequently the content was broadcast.

7. As a registered user, is there a fee for using M4-TV?

No. It is free to use M4-TV. Registration is only required for the technical administration of the website and
for user administration. For more information, please see our General Terms and Conditions of Business.

8. What is the difference between the online formats and TV formats that are available in the
download areas for the relevant content?

Our online formats (high SD/HD, mid, low) are broadcast-ready, narrated by one of our voice-over artists
and feature insertions such as lower thirds, overlays, etc. The various file sizes and resolutions have been
optimised for use in the online and/or mobile environment (see question 9 for details).
Our TV format is
available as an ITST version without any overlays and with a separate soundtrack for narration. By doing
this, we want to offer TV editorial staff the opportunity to adapt video material to their own requirements
with their own insertions and sound. For some content, rough cuts are also available for the specific TV
formats, which contain additional footage that can be used for whatever purposes the editorial team

9. For what purposes are the different download formats suitable?

 In general, we offer our video content in two main categories: as .mp4 files in various resolutions for
online use and as .mov or .mp2 files for TV (for general differences between TV and online, see question
8). All files are presented in 16:9 format. Please find a short explanation of the formats we offer below:
High SD/high HD – We offer a hi-res online format for all content. This version offers high quality but can
slow down the loading time of the website due to the file size. We offer the hi-res version of our sites in
1,024 × 576 px (PAL DV) format for videos in SD quality or 1,280 × 720 px (PAL widescreen) for videos in
HD quality.
Mid – This is our online format with the medium resolution of 640 × 360 px
Low – This format is suitable for all uses with the low resolution of 512 × 288 px

TV format – We offer this format as an uninserted ITST version in the following resolutions:
720 × 576 px (PAL DV)
1,024 × 576 px (PAL widescreen) or
1,280 × 720 px – HD720 (high-definition television) – This format (also 720p) is a high-definition format that
is currently recommended as the ideal solution for HDTV broadcasts by the European Broadcasting Union
(EBU Tech 3299, link: http://tinyurl.com/c2kfq5x). The format is used as the standard HD format by
Germany’s public service broadcasters.
Rough cut – For some content, we also offer additional footage in the form of a rough cut lasting
approximately ten minutes. We provide this as a Quicktime movie (Codec h.264) in one of the following
720 × 576 px (PAL DV)
1,024 × 576 px (PAL widescreen) or
1,280 × 720 px – HD720 (high-definition television)

10. Why do I have to register in order to be able to download the content from the website?

The data that you enter when you register are only used for the technical administration of our website
and for user administration. For more information, please see our Data Protection Guidelines.

11. I can’t download a video or file from the website. What should I do?

If you have any problems when attempting to download content, please check whether you are logged in.
Only registered users can download files. Sometimes your Internet settings can pose problems: please
ensure that the download is not being stopped due to a pop-up blocker or by your firewall. If you
continue to experience problems, please send us an email (to dsd@mhoch4.com) or give us
a call. We’ll help you find a solution.

12. What is a Mazsheet?

 All of our content is accompanied by a Mazsheet which we provide as a PDF in our download area. The
document contains the narration and the transcript of all voice-overs. It also contains information on the
duration of the content, a list of the voice-over artists, the pieces of music used and a recommendation
for an introduction.

13. What is a shotlist?

 A shot list is a text document that lists the images of a clip or rough cut in chronological order, along
with the relevant time code. We also provide a shot list that you can download for each rough cut we
offer on our website.

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